lighting product designWe wish to remember to you the first edition of the high training course, realized in collaboration with APIL (Italian Lighting Professionals) and under the patronage of AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) and GdC-AIC (Color Group – Italian Color Association), will be held in Milan (Italy) in September 2014 with the proposal to introduce the arguments related to Lighting Product Design. The prerequisites to apply to the course are a basic knowledge of electrical engineering (voltage, electric power, electrical resistance, electric current, etc.) and illuminating engineering (luminous flux, illuminance, luminance, inverse-square law, etc.).

 Course period: 10 – 26 September 2014

Duration: 60 hours

Course Director: Prof. Maurizio Rossi

Language: English

 The course faculty is composed by: Maurizio Rossi, Fulvio Musante and Daria Casciani (Politecnico di Milano), Cinzia Ferrara (president of APIL), Pietro Palladino (Studio Ferrara Palladino e Associati),Danilo Paleari and Diego Quadrio (Studio Quantis), Piero Castiglioni (Studio Castiglioni), Giuseppe Migale (IMQ), Marco Angelini (Fraen), Paolo Ceccherini (Philips), Patrick Van Der Meulen (Xicato),Chris Normanshire (Zemax).

 The course goes from fundamentals on radiometry and colorimetry to LEDs constructive principles, chromaticity and dynamic white generation; design and evaluation of optical system, thermal dissipation and power supply; photometric measurement, photobiological hazard, materials and case studies.

 Total cost of the course is € 1180 (VAT 22%). Reduction of 50% for regular students of Politecnico di Milano and APIL members. Reduction of 15% for regular members AIDI and GdC-AIC.

10 scholarships of € 700 available for the current and former students of the lighting design master of Politecnico di Milano since 2004.

For information

Dr. Andrea Siniscalco +39.02.2399.5696 –  –

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